Who’s This Ol’ Okie?

This is OkieBoy_1 Arthur D. Baker —

Lives and works on the Internet, creating and managing online retail environments for his clients using Miva Merchant, and even goes “old school”, producing print media for them as well.

Between stints of self-employment, he has been vice president of a public company in the sporting goods industry and design director for a Los Angeles based automotive-aftermarket custom-wheel company.

Okie lives in Southern California where he keeps a low political profile, as the ratio of lefts to rights on LA’s westside is probably 100 to 1!

He has a Masters degree from Tulsa University and is considered an alumni, but not a graduate, of the Transportation Design Program at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

He can be reached at okieboy_1 [@] okieonthelam [dot] com.

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