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“Gasland” Documentary Creator Lies By Ommission

Monday, June 6th, 2011

More lying by the eco-hysterics — this time “Gasland” documentary creator leaving out some “inconvenient truths”, like reports from 1936 and 1976 stating that there was worrisome amounts of methane in the aquifer before any Fracking by the gas industry.

Over at Not Evil, Just Wrong we get the skinny:

Josh Fox has responded to valid journalistic questions about his documentary Gasland by stifling the freedom of the press.

I travelled [sic] to Chicago for a Q&A where Fox admitted hiding facts from his documentary that contradicted his scaremongering about drilling for natural gas.

And Fox’s response when we posted the video on YouTube – he got his lawyers to have YouTube pull it down.

That’s right – he has tried to use lawyers to silence journalist from asking difficult questions and putting his answers to those questions on the Internet.

Yup — can’t win with the truth, so they win with trial lawyers . . . same ol’, same ‘ol . . . like the Talking Head’s song, “Same as it ever was.”