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More Climategate 2.0 Shenanigans . . . What Else Would We Expect?

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Over at Watts Up With That? they are still hammering away on the newly-released emails that are fueling Climategate 2.0 revelations which continue with the outing of the deceptions of the scientific consensus for Anthropogenic Climate Change . . . aka Global Warming. One of the ways our scientific overseers have been trying to convince us of their infallibility is with “faked” Photoshopped images. Here’s one case in point from a WUWT post: Photoshopping in the “worseness”

Photoshopped Black SmokeWow! That looks gnarly, right? All that black smoke pouring out of the smokestack — must be some mighty nasty pollution belching out of there . . . maybe even some vile, repugnant, Global Warming causing CO2, right?

[CO2 is a clear, tasteless, odorless gas that we breath out of our bodies with every exhale — don’t know about you but my breath ain’t BLACK!!!]

Back to the narrative. Noting that said stack was identified as being from the “Eggborough power station” and showing in another image that said station’s stacks pump out WHITE smoke, goes on to investigate whether this image was altered via Photoshop to turn the white smoke that yucky-darkish-gloomy color . . . ie BLACK! He ran some diagnostics on it and voilà, here’s what came up:

Photoshop altered imageTwo definite ranges of image alteration . . . so easy to do, even a Geico Neanderthal could do it. Just make an area selection with the lasso tool, feather the edges and tweak the contrast settings of the selection and — ta da — white becomes black.

Instant pollution!!!

If, you don’t have a problem with lying to make your point.

Watts found two versions of this same image and they both showed Photoshop alterations. But, were they ever used anywhere? He answers that:

Nelson asks:

If you have time to compile a list of the mainstream media uses of this photo, please let me know. If you’ve taken some action to protest this propaganda (maybe a letter to an editor?) please also let me know.

By the way, has this photo been altered in any way? [YES – Anthony]

Update: A TinEye search for the top image yields 92 results.

A TinEye search for the bottom image yields 94 results.

So, the not-so-enquiring minds of the main stream media (MSM) pushed this image off on the public at least 186 times in support of articles about pollution and Global Warming, or Climage Change. Don’t ya just LUV our media, how truthful, how investigative, how . . . much they are lying pieces of crap!!!??? And, this isn’t hard to do folks.

Watts then does a show and tell to show just how easy it is for these jokers to lie to us, and presents even more examples of the blatant fauxtography by the Climategate scientific consensus.

Continuing updating of Climatgate 2.0 here: Watts Up With That?

Don’t be left uninformed . . . and don’t let the “Climate Change” hysterics make you lose any sleep . . . and vote to keep them from costing you both arms and both legs — ’cause they won’t be stopping there!!!