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Mandatory Arabic Classes in Texas Public Schools — WTF?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

After listening to Frank Gaffney‘s comments on Obama’s seeming push to cater to Muslim sensibilities and our POTUS’ differing approaches to handling the Iranian riots (where the rioters were asking for true freedom from the strictures of radical Islam) and the almost immediate insistence of the call on Mubarak to leave immediately (which could destabilize Egypt and deliver it into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood), see this on Drudge today was more than a little unnerving . . . Mandatory Arabic Classes Coming To Some Texas Schools; ‘Language Of The Future’…

Some Students at Mansfield ISD schools could soon be learning Arabic as a required language. The school district wants students at select schools to take Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded grant.

The Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant was awarded to Mansfield ISD last summer by the U.S. Department of Education.

As part of the five-year $1.3 million grant, Arabic classes would be mandatory at Cross Timbers Intermediate School and Kenneth Davis Elementary School. The program would also be optional for students at T. A. Howard Middle School and Summit High School.

Parents at Cross Timbers say they were caught off-guard by the program, and were surprised the district only told them about it in a meeting Monday night between parents and Mansfield ISD Superintendent Bob Morrison.

Caught off guard — if Gaffney’s analysis is correct, we all are . . .

Bat Yeor On The Rise Of The New Caliphate — That’s OIC For Short

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

[H/t: Watchers Council]

EU CaliphateGeert Wilders, Netherlands filmmaker, parliamentarian and promoter of Western Civilization, has recently been denied entry into no-longer-so-Great Briton. Why? Because his continued stand against Islam’s intrusion into and attempts to supplant Western European culture is not being well tolerated by the OIC, (Organization of the Islamic Conference.) Also, because his own government is criminally prosecuting him for his pro-Western activities. Bat Yeor, author of Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis explains:

The OIC’s aim is to punish and suppress any alleged Islamophobia, around the world but particularly in Europe, and it has been a leader in creating the conditions that made the U.K.’s Wilders ban possible.

The OIC is one of the largest intergovernmental organizations in the world. It encompasses 56 Muslim states plus the Palestinian Authority. Spread over four continents, it claims to speak in the name of the ummah (the universal Muslim community), which numbers about 1.3 billion. The OIC’s mission is to unite all Muslims worldwide by rooting them in the Koran and the Sunnah — the core of traditional Islamic civilization and values. It aims at strengthening solidarity and cooperation among all its members, in order to protect the interests of Muslims everywhere and to galvanize the ummah into a unified body.

The OIC is a unique organization — one that has no equivalent in the world. It unites the religious, economic, military, and political strength of 56 states. By contrast, the European Union represents half as many states and is a secular body only, and the Vatican — which speaks for the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics — is devoid of any political power. Many Muslims in the West resist the OIC’s tutelage and oppose its efforts to supplant Western law with sharia. But the OIC’s resources are formidable.

The organization has numerous subsidiary institutions collaborating at the highest levels with international organizations in order to implement its political objectives worldwide. {…}

In a word, the OIC seeks to become the reincarnation of the Caliphate.

Yeor goes on to state that, “In its efforts to defend the “true image” of Islam and combat its defamation, the organization has requested the UN and the Western countries to punish “Islamophobia” and blasphemy.” Also, that “[Wilder’s] crime is maintaining that Europe’s civilization is rooted in the values of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and the Enlightenment — and not in Mecca, Baghdad, Andalusia, and al-Kods.”

Wilders is the receiver of death threats — no surprise there — and now even his own government is siding with the Islamic hoard against him. His denial into Briton is another signal that our common-language ally is not very healthy, either.

There aren’t many Geert Wilders left in Europe. Wonder how many are left over here?

Lock & load, anyone?

Lock & Load!
“Dude — Caliphate this!”

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Dhimmis in the USA — Taxpayer Funded Islamic Education?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Got a tax-payer funded Muslim religious school in your state or district? Evidently they do in Minnesota! From columnist Katherine Kerston:

Recently, I wrote about Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights. Charter schools are public schools and by law must not endorse or promote religion.

Evidence suggests, however, that TIZA is an Islamic school, funded by Minnesota taxpayers.

TIZA has many characteristics that suggest a religious school. It shares the headquarters building of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, whose mission is “establishing Islam in Minnesota.” The building also houses a mosque. TIZA’s executive director, Asad Zaman, is a Muslim imam, or religious leader, and its sponsor is an organization called Islamic Relief.

Students pray daily, the cafeteria serves halal food – permissible under Islamic law — and “Islamic Studies” is offered at the end of the school day.


TIZA’s operation as a public, taxpayer-funded school is troubling on several fronts. TIZA is skirting the law by operating what is essentially an Islamic school at taxpayer expense. The Department of Education has failed to provide the oversight necessary to catch these illegalities, and appears to lack the tools to do so. In addition, there’s a double standard at work here — if TIZA were a Christian school, it would likely be gone in a heartbeat.

TIZA is now being held up as a national model for a new kind of charter school. If it passes legal muster, Minnesota taxpayers may soon find themselves footing the bill for a separate system of education for Muslims.

Dhimmi alert! Dhimmi alert!

Sure sounds like public funded religious education to this ol’ Okie. If the Southern Baptists tried something like this they’d probably send out the FBI and the National Guard to shut ’em down lickety split!

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Columbia Dhimmis Get Ahmedinejad Earful! Some Applaud, Some Laugh — We All Should Just Cry . . .

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Mahmoud AhmedinejadMercy, we’ve got this lunatic on our own soil and can’t do anything about it. Like what you ask? Well, maybe arrest and life imprisonment for supplying weapons and advisers to those killing our service personnel in Iraq, permanent ban from entering the country, maybe a little visit from Bob the Nailer — I know, I know, leader of a sovereign country an all, can’t violate the UN charter, immoral act — sometimes, the real world’s a lot less Tom Clancy than one would like. Today’s certainly one of those times. Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Holocaust denier with the goal of Israel’s total destruction writ large in his day-planner, is making his third visit to the UN to spew forth his hate and propaganda on a world stage tomorrow. Today, he’ll be the invited guest at Columbia University — showing that the ivy has grown so thick in that league that those in charge can’t see past the inside of the leaves . . . the disgrace of giving this avowed enemy of Western Civilization a collegiate microphone is nowhere to be found. . . .

OK, the Columbia speech is over — I didn’t get to hear the whole thing, but snippets here and there. At least Columbia president Lee Bollinger, didn’t roll over like a lap puppy during his introduction:

“Mr. President, you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator,” Bollinger said, to loud applause.

He said Ahmadinejad’s denial of the Holocaust might fool the illiterate and ignorant.

“When you come to a place like this it makes you simply ridiculous,” Bollinger said. “The truth is that the Holocaust is the most documented event in human history.”

The audience actually greeted the tin-horn with a level of applause that should shame us all. Of course, ol’ Mahmoud didn’t disappoint with his intense level of dishonesty and subterfuge:

“People in Iran are very joyous, happy people,” he told a National Press Club audience that questioned him about the arrests of students, journalists and women. “They’re very free in expressing what they think.”

He said women in Iran were “the freest women in the world … They’re active in every level of society.”

Right! And, there’s this bridge in Brooklyn that he’d like to interest you in. . . . In the Q&A session afterwards, ol’ Mahmoud actually stated that there were no homosexuals in Iran. (The audience broke out in derisive laughter at that statement!) He said that this was a phenomena that only happens in the US and the West. (If true, no doubt because they’ve slaughtered them all under Sharia!) He also said that there were many Jews living in Iran in peace, (That would be news to the large LA population of Persian Jews that fled the persecution of the Ayatollahs!)

Protesters at the event freely spoke their minds — not many were pleased that one of the West’s main enemies had been given a free forum. In this [ol’ Mahmoud’s] case, free speech is worth much, much less than what it costs.

So, what about the poor schmucks in Los Angeles that get their news and opinions from our local kitty-box-liner, how did they set up this event in today’s edition? How did they portray our mousy-lookin’ little friend up there on the left, basking in the Photoshopped glow of his greatest desires? About like you’d expect — only even more so. They’ve changed the headline in the online version to Ahmadinejad hailed in Middle East, but in the dead-tree edition page-one just above the fold it reads, Arabs see a hero in Iran leader, and it gets a bit gushier after that.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a flinty populist in a zip-up jacket whose scathing rhetoric and defiance of Washington are often caricatured in the Western media, has transcended national and religious divides to become a folk hero across the Middle East.

The diminutive, at times inscrutable, president is a wellspring of stinging sound-bites and swagger for Muslims who complain that their leaders are too beholden to or frightened of the Bush administration. Ahmadinejad, who arrived in New York Sunday ahead of a U.N. General Assembly meeting, is an easily marketable commodity:a streetwise politician with nuclear ambitions and an open microphone.

“I like him a lot,” said Mahmoud Ali, a medical student in Cairo. “He’s trying to protect himself and his nation from the dangers around him. He makes me feel proud. He’s a symbol of Islam. He seems the only person capable of taking a stand against Israel and the West. Unfortunately, Egypt has gotten too comfortable with Washington.”

Do the LAT’s writers ever bring up ol’ Mahmoud’s goal of “wiping Israel off the map”? Well, finally, in the fifth ‘graph from the end, in an aside quote of a Cairo accountant. And, in their sidebar capsuling a history of Iran’s leader they seem to not find it important to mention that he was a Basij instructor during the Iran-Iraq War, training thousands of children to become martyrs via clearing mine fields with their own bodies. Guess that little tidbit kinda just slipped their minds. They did mention that he was alleged to have been a member of the group that took control of the US Embassy after the ’79 Islamic Revolution. As they say about little favors . . .

Dean Barnett has a novel idea of how to deal with all this: Sharia Day at Columbia!

So what should Columbia do to appropriately honor Ahmadenijad? I say in for a dime, in for a dollar. If Columbia’s going to honor the insane Persian, do it in style and with full commitment. It’s not too late President Bollinger – declare today “Sharia Day” on Columbia’s campus.

Put all the women in burkas. Pull out a dozen or so Columbia co-eds so they can have their hymens inspected to make sure they haven’t violated their family’s honor. In keeping with the spirit of the day, I’m afraid this test will have to be pass/fail. Potentially aggrieved family members should be standing by with appropriate weaponry.

To further make the Mahdi at home, Columbia could round up a couple of homosexuals. In fervent Islamic circles like those the Mahdi leads, there happens to be a serious theological debate about whether pure practitioners of Islam should execute homosexuals by throwing them off a building or burying them alive. Thus, President Bollinger will have to deliver two gays to the Mahdi just to be on the safe side.

But the females and the gays shouldn’t be the only ones who get to participate in Sharia Day. Sharia is nothing if not inclusive. All of the campus’ non-Muslims can pay next year’s Poll Tax today. No reason everyone can’t be part of the festivities!

Sounds like fun! Bring the fam’ . . . just leave that cousin with the full Judy Garland collection at home — no use taking any chances, right? And, Britney and Madonna might want to take a pass, too. Just being cautious mind you. Dean also posts in full the “hard questions” to Columbia’s president Bollinger that Instapunk has leaked. Guess we all need to give Bollinger a bit more credit, although I’m still not convinced that ol’ Mahmoud should have ever been given that platform.

We’ll continue watching, and reading, all day today. As Scarlett says, “Tomorrow is another day.” Tomorrow at the UN — just another ramblin’, lyin’ pack of garbage out of one of the world’s vilest of pie holes.

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Scotland’s Dhimmis Say “Hey — They No Eat, You No Eat!”

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

[h/t: Dennis Prager’s radio show]

Oh brother! Can’t wait to see this crap start happening out here in SoCal. You just KNOW that the People’s Republic of Santa Monica will be straining what little sense that they have trying to be the first on this side of the pond to be this tolerant of Muslim sensibilities. Will be hard though to do something as ridiculous and stupid as this groveling policy toward Scottish Muslims and their empty, growling stomachs during Ramadan.

HOSPITAL staff in the Lothians have been told not to eat at their desks to avoid offending Muslim colleagues during Ramadan.

NHS Lothian has advised doctors and other health workers not to have working lunches during the 30-day fast, which begins next month.

The health service’s Equality and Diversity Officer sent an e-mail to all senior managers, giving guidance on religious tolerance.

This includes ensuring Muslim staff are given breaks to pray, and time off to celebrate Eid at the end of Ramadan.

It is understood they also advised hospital managers to move food trolleys away from areas where Muslims work.

Mercy! Can’t make any poor Muslims that are practicing their religion and fasting during the days of Ramadan feel bad, now can we? As they are saying about this at JBlog Central:

The population of Scotland is just over 5 million.

The Muslim population in Scotland numbers around the 40,000 mark.

Yup it appears terrorism does work.

Ain’t that the truth!

Me? I think it’s time for a ham sandwich!

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Something Rotten In Brussels

Monday, August 13th, 2007

I’m feeling a tinge of disconnect at the moment after having read the Citroën Traction Avant section of Automobile Magazine’s “25 Best Cars of All Time” article in the current (Sept.) issue. Developed in cooperation with the Budd Company in 1934, this vehicle introduced to the world the unibody structure, an arc-welded monocoque frame, where all automobiles before had been built using body-on-frame designs. With this much-lighter weight, much-stiffer type of construction, front-wheel drive, an overhead-valve engine, torsion bar and wishbone front suspension and hydraulic brakes, as the Automobile magazine writer states, it was the first “modern” car — the precursor to almost all passenger cars built today. So Okie, that’s interestin’ an all, but what’s up with whining on about some sort of cognitive disconnect?

The reason for that is this. Only minutes before reading about this giant technology & manufacturing leap forward in 1934-Europe I had stumbled across this disturbing bit o’ information via a link in the comments at Gateway Pundit leading to and on to this Gates of Vienna post: Stop the Islamisation of Brussels.

Here’s a list of the ruling Socialist Party (PS) members of the Brussels city council headed by Mayor Freddy Thielemans.

Of the eighteen PS members, no fewer than ten have obvious Muslim names. It’s possible others may be ‘reverts’.

Thielemans is just a buffoonish front man. Muslims now control the key city at the heart of the European Union.

There is much more information available in the comments to this post. To me, the rapid decline in European western-self-awareness and seeming resignation to societal and cultural destruction is heartbreaking. To watch a continent, who’s intellectuals and craftsmen can create and develop something like this:


Devolve into some malignant society that believes and behaves like this . . .

Eruopean radical Muslims

Is that not pathetic? Is that not gut-wrenching? Is that not — frightening?

It’s definitely a wake up call to us in this country to identify and out the Dhimmis in our midst, to keep an ever watchful eye on those that promote jihad, to stop those that want to force public funding for madrassa, as Frank Gaffney noted last month:

Even more alarming is accumulating evidence we are also failing to appreciate the inroads being made by those promoting a similar agenda on this war’s homefront — here in the United States. In fact, Islamists have been assiduously waging the war of ideas for decades, in American mosques and prisons, on military bases and college campuses across the country and, increasingly, in the public square. The infrastructure that has made possible such ideological inroads has largely been built by various Saudi institutions, charities, princes and businesses. The Islamofascists’ success in these areas owes as much to our indifference, political correctness and cognitive dissonance as to their zeal.

As the American Left dilly-dallies through its presidential-candidate-selection process obsessing over the right to kill the unborn, the right to tax us all into poverty for the funding of ever more comprehensive entitlements, as they focus on fear mongering to convince us all that we must change our lifestyles, drive smaller, less-safe vehicles and shackle what’s left of American industry all in the name of stopping mankind-caused Global Warming — we on the Right had better make sure to ask our candidates how they are going to cope with an EU that easily could fall under Islamist-control much sooner than later — perhaps within the time of our next administration.

And on top of that, there’s this going on in Indonesia: Hardline group rallies for world Islamic rule — I know, I know. It’s only 70,000 out of a billion plus. Still, that’s a lot to put on the watch list, and we sure don’t seem to be doing a bang-up job there now, do we?

Geez — maybe I should have just kept reading the car mag! Where’s my Xanax?

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