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Memorial Day 2014

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Memorial Day

“American Soldier”

“And I will always do my duty, no matter what the price.
I’ve counted up the cost, I know the sacrifice.
Oh, and I don’t want to die for you,
But if dying’s asked of me,
I’ll bear that cross with honor,
‘Cause freedom don’t come free.

I’m an American soldier, an American,
Beside my brothers and my sisters I will proudly take a stand,
When liberty’s in jeopardy I will always do what’s right,
I’m out here on the front lines. Sleep in peace tonight.
American soldier, I’m an American soldier, …”

— Toby Keith

Memorial Day 2011

Monday, May 30th, 2011
Memorial Day 2007

Today once again we pause to remember all those who gave up everything
they would ever be so that we could . . . just be.

Our eternal gratitude is owed to the fallen, to those that served and made it home,
and to our men and women in uniform who are out there getting it done every day.

Old Glory 2009

Troops Surprising Loved Ones — Coming Home

Friday, May 21st, 2010

A Michael Yon Report From The War In Afghanistan

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

It’s over at Big Journalism. It’s important. Read it!

A word from Michael Yon:

The War in Afghanistan has truly begun. This will be a long, difficult fight that is set to eclipse anything we’ve seen in Iraq. As 2010 unfolds, my 6th year of war coverage will unfold with it. There is relatively little interest in Afghanistan by comparison to previous interest in Iraq, and so reader interest is low. Afghanistan is serious, very deadly business. Like Iraq, however, it gets pushed around as a political brawling pit while the people fighting the war are mostly forgotten.

Don’t be one of those that forgets . . .

Hey Pres Barry ‘O’– Freedom Isn’t Free!

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Take a minute or so and remember what real heroes look like. Then consider that their new Commander-in-Chief is now waffling on his commitment to their continuing mission in Afghanistan. Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades writes in response to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs telling reporters last Friday that Obama “hasn’t made a decision on augmenting our force structure in Afghanistan,” three days after Pentagon officials said he would likely do so that week.

As I said, this is a continuing series where the President tells people he intends to do one thing and then goes off in a different direction.

Of course, this is spun by some Politico so-called reporter as a “methodical and independent decision-making style” which is a sharp break from the “usual style” of Bush 43. Despite his confident statements (lies?) on the campaign trail, Obama is now “questioning the timetable, the mission and even the composition of the new forces.”

You can’t trust Liberals to honor any commitment they make to the armed forces, as they don’t believe in the use of force and they don’t trust the military. Get used to this President telling us one thing, then later pausing to reconsider, and then doing the opposite. That was the Obama campaign to a tee, and it’ll be the hallmark of this POTUS 44.

Since . . . “Good people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” . . . with this President in charge I’m not sure how much longer we’ll get to have that peaceful sleep.

U.S. Air Miracle Worker — “Sully” Sullenberger

Friday, January 16th, 2009

US Air Jet in Hudson River
See full-size image at LGF
If you are as curious as I am about how that US Airways’ Flight 1549 pilot, Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, was able to make a turn and glide to a splashdown landing in the Hudson River, check out this discussion: How Long Does A Jet Glide With No Power?

Who knew? I always thought that jet airliners would drop like a stone without motive power. The caveat is that to maintain the airspeed required for maintaining lift, thereby allowing the bird to continue flying, requires that you exchange altitude for continuing that airspeed. Courtesy of today’s LA Times comes this map/chart of the fated flight. Note, the pilot only had 3,200 ft. of altitude to work with, and lots of skyscraper-dense Manhattan to miss.

US Air jet flightpath
  • No buildings hit: check!
  • No bridges hit: check!
  • Perfect water crash landing: check!
  • No one killed: check!

Not impossible, obviously. Highly improbable, definitely.

The only word that comes readily to mind is:


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