Obama Wins 2nd Term: We Got Our Asses Kicked Hard Last Night…

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The bad news is, we have Barack Hussein Obama to kick around for the next four years… there is no good news.

Having started  yesterday out with a sense of calm apprehension, I went to bed in a state of being not “comfortably numb”. All of the talking heads and number crunchers on the conservative side of our body politic had proven to be dead wrong. The hard-core Lefties over at DailyKos were evidently calling it correctly a week ago.

How can one be looking at the same polls and come up with two such widely disparate predictions? With so much Democratic malaise, a weak President overseeing a flailing economy and with the Damaclean Benghazi hanging over his head, all the while facing a surging GOP candidate with sterling business credentials and the political expertise to navigate the current turgid partisan Congressional waters — HOW DID WE LOSE?

In her post, “It’s All About The U.S. Supreme Court“, Sonja Eddings Brown, founder and President of The Kitchen Cabinet women’s political organization, has this clue:

But we know for a certainty that the GOP spent a billion dollars waging a 20th century campaign in the 21st century.

We spent the bulk of our hundreds of millions on TV, when no one was watching TV.  The remainder was spent on Direct Mail which most Americans toss before it arrives on our kitchen counters.  That left in the bank, was spent on robo calls when Americans were unplugging their phones.


[All] was neutralized IN ONE DAY, by the Obama campaign’s smart, state-of-the-art online social networking campaign.  Obama’s strategists developed 30 million followers online and then simply e-mailed polling places to them and told them Romney would steal their lifestyle choices.

We lost this one on the Internet folks. While WE were spending our time online waging a war of ideas with words and images to fire up our base and expose the uninitiated to our ideas, the Obama team was building a sophisticated mechanism to do only one thing: Scare the living bejesus out of a massive amount of voters at just the right time and be right there in their smart phones with all the info they needed to go and save them from that great peril by voting for the Mighty “O”.

It’s so brilliant a strategy that you’d have thought it came from a James Bond super-villain… not the President of ALL the people of the United States — uh, all — yeah right… my bad?

So, what’s next? Have to lick the wounds a little, but then there is much work to do. WE still have the majority in the House and we must make sure our representatives man up and grow a spine if they don’t have one already, else they’ve got to go in ’14! Andy over at Ace of Spades HQ is reacting in his own special way:

You like your big government, assholes? Pay for it. But I’ll have a chair when the music stops.

I encourage all similarly-situated Americans to do the same.

You idiots that reelected Obama, and elected Warren and the like, can’t vote yourselves an infinite slice of my wallet. I’ll always be one step ahead of you.

A large amount of money will be moved to offshore tax havens between now and 12/31. Also, watch dividend-paying stocks. A ton of money’s about to be distributed in advance of the return-to-Boooosh!!11! tax rates plus the new Obamacare tax on investment income.

Oh, and it’s my birthday. Instead of spending it happily effing off, I’ll spend it moving money. Point. Click. Done. So, happy.

Oh, and be careful if you choose that kind of route and be sure you have a great accountant, and probably a really good tax attorney!!!

Before I end this piece I’d like to express how much I appreciate Mitt and Ann Romney and the upstanding and uplifting campaign that they ran. Mitt raised a lot of money, but he also spent many ten’s of millions of his own personal wealth pursuing what he hoped was his destiny. God must have something great in store for this good man as he would have made a great POTUS — and we would ALL have been better off with the next four years being under his stewardship. Over at his blog, Hugh Hewitt has some parting words on this same topic that I’ll end with as well:

Pray for the president and the Congress and yes, with special zeal, for the health of the Supreme Court.  We are in uncharted waters, but the Framers were geniuses, and we will see if that wisdom surpassed even what we had previously appreciated.


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