Time For Some REAL Hope For A Change

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I voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan today and am damn proud to have done so!!! In just a few hours we’ll know whether this great country of ours will be headed on the road to restoration or hurled down the dark path of perdition. For the sake of my son, his wife¬† and their precious sons and daughter, I have been praying for the former. Time will tell…

It’s been a long time now since your ol’ Okie has had any enthusiasm for writing on this blog. The more overdosing of Obama that we’ve had to endure, the more bitter and negative I became… to the point that I no longer could see a point to it. Opining just wasn’t going to get anything done about the nightmare.

Three years ago I began working with Sonja Eddings Brown on a project called “The Kitchen Cabinet” – a political website oriented towards conservative women. I had worked for her briefly in ’06 on the California Constitutional Amendment, Prop 8, and had built a blog, Article6Blog.com, for her husband Lowell and his blogging partner John, who both had been part of a Southern California Christian Bloggers Association formed in the Spring of 2005 of which John and I were two of the founding members. Sonja art directed me on their major redesign a couple of years after we had originally put together their blog.

The first Photoshop sketches for TKC were done in the Fall of ’09 and the initial launch was in the Spring of 2010. The site was extensively revised that August to get it ready for the 2010 election cycle where it played an important roll in coordinating conservative women’s groups across the country in their efforts that helped lead to the largest pickup of GOP House seats in decades as well as many Governorships.

This election cycle it has been all about electing Mitt Romney as the 45th President of the United States. Tonight we’ll see if we have been able to help get that done. I’m but a small cog in a big machine, but it sure is nice to be DOING something rather than just constantly complaining… However, I do feel some major inner-irritation coming on — and I don’t know a better way to get that out of my system than to come here and vent!

Is Okie back? Guess like tonight’s results… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh — If you even wondered just how the Golden State of California has gotten itself into such a sad state, check out my friend Laer Pearce’s new book, “Crazifornia”. It’s a nightmare of a cautionary tale to all those that still believe in the Progressive Way.

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