On Enforcing Obamacare. . .

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The Taxinator!

Just in case you’re wondering how Obamacare will be enforced, just look at all the new IRS agents that were hired over the Spring when it looked like the ACA was likely to be overturned, just to kick off the Fed’s efforts in a timely fashion I’d imagine. $500-million of the HHS budget was diverted from initial use to add the new agents.

From The American Thinker just this past April:

President Obama is playing shell game with tax dollars in order to rush implementation of Obamacare before the Supreme Court strikes it down.

It may also be a ploy to bring Obamacare implementation so far along, that the Supreme Court will be reluctant to overturn the entire bill.

The shell game involves a $1 billion appropriation to HHS – Republicans call it a “slush fund” – that the agency can use as it sees fit. Half of the funding has been transferred from HHS to the IRS in order to set up enforcement structures for those who fail to buy insurance under the individual mandate.

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