An LA Times Puff Piece On Illegal Immigration

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The top section of today’s LATEXTRA section of the dead-tree edition of the Los Angeles Times, above the fold, features the story of Maria Gomez, an illegal immigrant that has managed to graduate from UCLA with a degree in Architecture. Actually, considering her circumstances, that’s a mighty impressive accomplishment. However… that’s not the gist of the piece. Here’s a taste:

At 26, she was getting her master’s in architecture from one of the nation’s top schools. But the triumph felt hollow, her sense of achievement tangled up with bitterness and fear.


The country that made you hide like a criminal and the country that promised to let you stand tall atop your talent — she’d grown up with both, somehow believed in both. But now, about to be pitched into a job market where she could not legally work, she felt dread in her stomach.

The rest of the piece details her early life and her collegiate journey, all while extolling the dangers of her being illegal. She even became an activist for the “Dream Act” legislation (where WE the taxpayers would be on the hook for the higher-education cost for illegals) — the LAT does love their progressive activists.

It ends, (all three pages of it online!) with her just missing out on a paying job, again because she’s illegal. Hmmm… what to do, what to do?

There’s real tragedy here. A child is brought into the country at the age of eight and taught to hide in plain site to avoid deportation. Our society makes it possible for her to get a first-class education in a field that could provide her an excellent living. One would think that Mexico would be clamoring for for folks like these to come, work and be a productive part of that country. Of course there’s this – who in their right mind, after living here all their lives, would want to go live and work in Mexico right now?

I have no answers for this dilemma, I’m just wondering if this was the most important “Late-Breaking” story of June 8th, 2012… or, is it just more water-carrying by the MSM for President Obama? Some convenient distraction from the Wisconsin results, the mess at Justice, the wide-spread predictions of Economic Armageddon next January — all of the above?

Just askin’.

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