Happy Mother’s Day…

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On Mother’s Day 2006 I wrote the following piece. It’s still all there and still raw and fresh — I do miss her so.

Mom in 2001Five years ago today, Mother’s Day 2001, I was fortunate to be able to spend it with my Mom, the first time that had happened since I had moved out to California in ’83. I always enjoyed talking with her on the phone, especially on holidays, but being there was a special treat for both of us. Although I would get back again for her birthday in August of that same year, and the following year too, this would be the last Mother’s Day that I would get to spend with her in person.

She was a strong Christian woman, a loving mom, and she set the heart of at least one great guy on fire, married him, raised two kids with him and then took care of him through the long journey of Alzheimer’s. I marveled at her resilience, that she had the strength to stay with us for almost eight years after he was gone. I thank God for those eight years, as during that time I was finally able to relate to her, adult-son to adult-mother — time spent with her that I will cherish for the rest of my days.

In two weeks it will have been three years since I was back in Ok. I was there with my sister and my son, going through Mom’s little house, discovering what she had determined would be left for us to go through after she was gone. My sis and I then went to the annual family reunion, one of only two that I had ever gone to. In two weeks I will be back there again. On that Saturday my son will be getting married, and on Sunday I’ll be going to the Lomenick family reunion in Drumright, OK. I am looking forward to seeing everyone, although there are a few that were there in ’03 that won’t be there anymore.

Okie rollsGoing back to that Mother’s Day, 2001. Mom and I had a pretty good day. I can see from my pics that we had dinner at my Aunt Joan and Uncle John’s place, which is the house in Oilton where my Mom’s mom had lived for so many years. You can tell from the breads that it was some kind of fine eatin’! Then I remember that we went back to Mom’s little house and spent the rest of the afternoon talking . . . and waiting. You see, her sister-in-law, wife of her deceased next-in-line brother was failing quickly, having been only recently diagnosed with cancer. Late in the afternoon we got the call. It’s one of the few times I have witnessed my mother weep. Perhaps I was meant to be there to comfort her, I hope that I was able to do so. I thought at the time how rough it must have been for my cousins who had just lost their mother on Mother’s Day. My thoughts and prayers go out to them every year on this day.

As for Mom, no more little house for her, she’s in God’s house now. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom — until we meet again . . . (db)

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