It Was 60 Years Ago Today — Heroes Prevailed & A Child Was Born…

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Okie on the LamTulsa, Oklahoma: February 11th, 1952

The first hero was a birth mother, an un-wed teenager or young adult, or perhaps just an existing mother with already too many children that couldn’t face one more. In a clinic — not a hospital — this brave gal gave birth to a 5-1/2 pound blond, blue-eyed baby boy, (geez, where did this extra 190 pounds come from???)

She, and most likely also the birth father, were of German/Austrian decent — hey, I can look in the mirror! Often in the 80s folks thought that a dear friend, Steve Guentner, and I were brothers. I used to kid him that his dad must have been a traveling salesman passing through Tulsa sometime in 1951. 😉 But that is as much as I would/will ever know about the birth parents. Closed adoptions really meant “closed” back in the day, and that’s alright with me.

Dad's WWII Letters to Mom

A project begun on my birthday in 2005, transcribing my Dad's letters to his Anny Mae during WWII - a project that I really should resume soon.

The second two heroes are my “real” Mom & Dad, my adopted parents, James and Anna Mae Baker. They took the leap of faith during that time of the dueling “Nature vs. Nurture” theories, as well as against the wishes of some of their family members, and took in this 3-hour-old new-born critter directly home from the clinic.

I am such a blessed human being. My parents loved each other so very much and stayed together until death did part them. She soldiered through the terrible ending of my Dad’s existence by way of Alzheimer’s, and spent another nine years after that with us here on this side of the Great Divide before going on to join him on the Next Great Adventure.

Turning 60 makes one aware that one’s own Next Great Adventure is coming up, sooner than ever before . . . however, out here in the Golden State of “existential granola”, ‘they” say 60 is the new 40. I keep telling that to my 60 year-old knees, lumbar vertebrae, spare-tire belly and various and sundry other body parts, and they keep coming back at me with — LOL!

I Want To LiveSeems like every year I examine and comment on the elements surrounding my birth. This year it is especially poignant in light of President Obama’s assault upon religious freedom this last week via trying to force Catholic institutions to provide the “morning after” pill — (simply an early abortion in a pill), along with other contraception options, to all their employees by making that mandatory in their health-care plans regardless of that being a violation of the Church’s deepest held beliefs — as one Arch Bishop put it, to do so would be a “mortal sin”. But hey, to this administration, what’s a little mortal sin more or less? Last year I wrote:

Each year on this day I reflect on the thought that if Roe vs Wade had been the law of the land in February 1952, I am most certain that I would not be here to write this. Many tens of millions of nascent human beings have had their lives terminated since that SCOTUS decision. I truly wish that folks would make the right choice when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, and choose LIFE. There’s always some good folks out there without kids of their own — waiting, wanting to love and raise that baby as their very own.

[RANT] I feel the same way today. A fetus is NOT a disease. Nascent human life is not just some meaningless “tissue” that one should have the option to dispose of at will, on a whim. Viable babies should not be partially birthed and have their brains sucked out of them for someone’s convenience. Sorry to be so graphic, but look at that face up above — it is HUMAN! It wants to be ALIVE. You and I don’t have any right to KILL it just to make our lives less hectic, to solve our little problems, to be free of the responsibilities of our actions with each other. [/RANT]

Now that I’ve got that out of the way for another year . . . time to PARTY!!!!! Well, at least time to grab some great Mexican over at Casablanca Restaurant and take into the office for our Saturday “Tax Season” lunch. Dinner might be at the Polish restaurant Warszawa, or maybe that will happen tomorrow as some of our dinner party are under the weather today. If that happens, I’ve got about 8 pounds of smoked ham and the ham bones from a full one just dying to become something — meaning — split pea soup for EVERYBODY!

“Life is GOOD!”

Peace. Out.

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