American Nazi Party & the Communist Party USA Just LUV the Occupy Wall Street Movements

Posted By: 'Okie' | 11:18 am — 10/16/2011 | 2 Comments See comments below:

The American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA, along with the AFL-CIO are throwing their support behind the Occupy Wall Street Movements — Nice to know that the Democrats love the OWS movement so much . . . we know they are in bed with the unions, wonder how they feel about these new bed mates?

Now to be fair, Pelosi and Obama probably don’t share the more extremist views expressed there — but when you lie down with filthy dogs, you’re gonna pick up a few fleas. How many political fleas are the Democrats willing to let live on them and such their political blood?

Hey! How about some hot, commie action?

Tax the Rich!

Wow, haven’t we heard that coming from some prominent pie holes lately? Who woulda thunk it was a major program pushed by the American Communist Party?

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for this heads up and the links!

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