Attack Watch!!!!!!!!!!!! Turn Your Own Self In

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Attack WatchWith Obamanomics failing miserably, and Obamacare not even cutting in our here in the Granola State, the administration’s reelection efforts have come down to this: Attack Watch — a site where you can key them in directly to any attacks, smears, or complaints about our Narcissist-in-Chief simply by filling out a little form. How convenient.

Bill Whittle, eminent Conservative thinker/writer/video maker has a post that encourages all of us who are disappointed with the mighty Obama to turn ourselves in, and then make our own reeducation identity badges:

So, here’s the thing: anyone whose sense of civic duty compels them to report themselves, and then make their own ATTACK WATCH! graphic will get it posted here. That way, the President of the United States will not have to waste all of that time surfing the internet to compile his Enemies List: it will all be right here in one place for easy re-education assignments!

So, I did and here’s my badge:

Okie's Attack Watch Badge

Just to get you up to speed:

Oh well — better get my own self ready to eat all those dang peas . . . 😉

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