NH Democratic Party accused of ‘religious intolerance’

Posted By: 'Okie' | 10:39 am — 12/16/2010 | Comments Off on NH Democratic Party accused of ‘religious intolerance’ See comments below:

I guess if you are a New Hampshire Democrat, expressing your belief in God at a political event is now a crime? Here’s the truly, awful event.

Makes one wonder what’s in the water up there in good ol’ NH. I liked his statement, “The Republican Party is not our savior.” There’s some truth for ya.

This country was founded by men that believed in God, the Creator, and they wrote that this belief would be necessary for Liberty to survive. For, if our rights are not given to us by God, and they come from man, then Man can deprive us of them at any time.

This is what has distinguished our country from all those before is founding and all those since.

May God continue to bless America . . . but that isn’t gonna go on forever if we continue to turn our collective face away from Him.

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