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We have a primary out here in La La Land today, along with several other states including Nevada and Arkansas. Over at The Kitchen Cabinet they have prepared a list of critical Senate races and are tracking the primaries, and in the fall, will cover the general election.

Keep one thing in mind if you are not feeling the current zeitgeist of our Obama/Pelosi/Reid-controlled federal government:


Every race. And, if there are multiple candidates in the primary, vote for the Republican that is most likely to win — even if he/she isn’t ideologically “pure”. Putting up a weak candidate against the Democrat opponent is a vote for that Democrat — and also a vote to keep Pelosi in control of the House and Reid in control of the Senate (should he survive, and his chances of that are greater if the Tea Party candidate is elected to run against him!)

House cleaning can come later — this time it’s gotta be in it, to win it!

Failing that, get ready for more bowing and scraping to our enemies, dissing of our allies, a nuclear armed Iran, Cap & Tax, more federal takeovers of private enterprise, illegal immigrant amnesty, and ever-more-expanding government employment instead of increases in private-sector employment — along with an entitlement express train run amok!

VOTE! The futures of your children and their children depend upon it!

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