Why Don’t Those On The Left Hate Obama?

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Making comparisons to the identities and policies between George W. Bush’s presidency and that of the current White House resident’s, The Anchoress asks Leftists: Why Don’t You Hate Obama?

There’s lots there to read, and it’s intriguing to contemplate, so go and read it all. Here’s a bit o’ the wrap up.

In reviewing all this, it does seem to me that this passionate “hate” of George W. Bush is based not on substance but on style. Obama swagger is cool; Bush swagger was arrogant. Obama arrogance is “confidence.” Bush confidence was “ignorance.” Obama’s misspeaks and gaffes are ignored, Bush’s were magnified. Obama looks good. Bush looked goofy. All that “hate” seems to be part of an adolescent values system that is willing to overlook a multitude of sins as long as you get to belong to the jock/cheerleader clique, and not the Nerd/AV gang.

Although some seem to be tireless in their efforts to convince me that I should “hate” President Bush as much as they think I “hate” President Obama, I don’t think we should “hate” anyone, and I am not seriously suggesting that you “should” hate President Obama. I am simply wondering why two men can do very similar (sometimes exactly the same) things, and the first man’s actions can garner your life-long, cockle-warming hate, while the other man’s actions go overlooked and your cockles go agreeably cold.

It really does no good to try and reason with Lefties, but sometimes we just have to give it another go . . .

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