“Everything” Is About Nothing . . . And There Is Nothing Of Which To Be Afraid

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About a month ago The Anchoress took off from blogging for a personal retreat. Evidently she has been having a bit of trouble putting into adequate words what was gleaned from that period of contemplation. However, in a post today she wrote this:

And increasingly, even when my kneejerk instinct to a headline or a piece of news is to snarl, or rage, or smirk, I remember:

“Everything” is about nothing.
Everything ended with the sacrifice of the Lamb.
All is consummated.
We are forever and always at the Last Supper, at the Crucifixion, at the Resurrection.
Time ended with the tearing of the veil and the rolling back of the stone.
The rest is illusion and catching up.
There is nothing to be afraid of.

And when I remember that, I dash all of my fury, all of my love, all of my passion against the cross of Christ, and settle beneath their shards and fragments as they rain down upon me, and pass and bite and dissolve. And I pray, most particularly for the event or the person or the feeling that has roused my headstrong, foolish passion and lured me toward the illusion, and away from detachment, wherein is found humility and tranquility; wisdom and peace.

I have to admit I was struck by the wisdom and the rebuke waiting for me in these words. Although I will never find true depths of “humility and tranquility; wisdom and peace” that she will, (trust me on this), I do need to remember that as crazy as the world can seem, and as terrible a future that can be imagined — Mankind only thinks it’s in control.

Gotta remember that a lot more often . . .

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