“Hands Off Health Care!” Dem-Wit Acornites Confront Conservative Dissent With Thug Thizzle

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The people are waking up to the impending disaster that would be Obamacare, and the slow-of-mind, fast-of-mouth community-organizing geniuses of ACORN can’t handle it. Like so-called progressive thinkers (feelers?) everywhere, when someone challenges them, they go nuts! See the video. Michelle Malkin writes that it’s:

Because they can’t stand real grass-roots competition.

And because thug thizzle is how they roll.

Also at that link, other links to peaceful protests where the anti-Obamacare folks outnumbered the Soros-funded organizing-Acornites. We seeing a trend here? Hopefully! Maybe the great unwashed are paying attention to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reports that sure aren’t making Prez Barry O’s day — what with their projections of over a trillion bucks being added to the deficit, and that zero sum savings will be the probable result from implementation of Obamacare.

The CBO letter allowed that “savings might not be realized at all because the proposal specifies a process without specific goals for savings or a ‘fall-back’ plan for ensuring spending reductions if the combination of annual IMAC recommendations and Presidential approval does not produce hoped-for savings. …On the other hand, there is a small chance, in CBO’s judgment, that the council would propose and the President would approve significant changes to Medicare that would reap substantial savings.”

Let’s see, doin’ the math — two billion (with a “B”) saved against an additional trillion (with a “T”) deficit, oh, uh, er (thinking like Obama here) — that’s 0.002 or .2% (two-tenths of a single percent) for those out there with Numerical Deficiency Syndrome. Take a penny, cut it into ten pieces and put two of those pieces next to a dollar and you’ll get the picture.

Not. Very. Damn. Much. Saved!!!!!

Hawking that kind of result as significant savings takes spin like a thousand whirling dervishes — or just lyin’ your ass off.

Meanwhile, my own representative and committee chair Henry Waxman (D – CAL) is threatening to bypass his own committee and bring this Obamacare debacle of a bill to the House floor — one would hope that the Blue Dog Democrats will make him pay for a ploy like that — we’ll see. Let me borrow a line from Ace here:

Just another hill for the Pelosi congress to die on.

Remember the days of “Tar & Feathers”? Me neither, but I can fantasize . . . To quote a line from Argus Filch in the first Harry Potter: “A pity they let the old punishment die. {…} God, I miss the screaming.”


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