Psychologists For The Promotion Of Anthropogenic Climate Change

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Elizabeth Scalia, aka The Anchoress, has a piece today over at Pajamas Media on the latest tactic of the Global Warming Hysterics to stifle debate and generate the big World-wide-mind-meld on Climate Change. Spock would be proud — well, maybe not. It’s just not logical. Here Elizabeth:

Forty years after enlightened baby boomers and academics decried conformity and told the world to ignore “the establishment,” to not kowtow to “the man,” to “rap about problems to find solutions,” and to “not guilt-trip or judge other people’s life choices,” those same sorts — the now firmly ensconced “establishment” pretending otherwise — are wondering why they can’t get people to fall in line and do as they’re told to do and think as they’re told to think with respect to the environment and the “crisis” of “climate change,” the “crisis” which used to be called “global warming” until the news got out that the earth has been cooling for the last ten years and the arctic ice is refusing to melt.

Now, these establishment Boomers want you to kowtow to “the man.” They’ll brook no open discussions and they prefer you would learn to judge others — and to scold them — for their own good and for the planet’s.

To encourage you in those noble endeavors, the new establishment is bringing in the psychologists:


All of this manipulation and social engineering is necessary, you understand, because we’re facing a “crisis.” The environmental “crisis” is the mother lode of guilt-tripping; if it is successful — if people can be made to accept the unprovable theory that humankind, not nature, is responsible for “climate change” — then the tentacles of the nanny state will be able to reach into every aspect of every life, from how one may heat or cool one’s home to how many children one may bear. It will be a necessary intrusion, meant to save the planet. For the children you should not have.

Yep, those free-love-promotin’, tell-it-like-it-is cats, those free speech (as long as it agrees with THEM dudes and dudettes) are gonna use psychological warfare on all o’ us to make us believe in Man-Caused Climate Change. It’s for our own good after all.

One must take comfort in Obi-Wan using his Jedi mind trick, it works on the mentally weak. Just like all this Global Warming Baloney.

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