LA Auto Show 2007 — Expectation Leads To Disappointment . . . Again

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LA Auto Show 2007All I can say about how I felt after leaving the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show last night was, “At least I wasn’t as bummed as last year,” but let me tell ya, that don’t mean all that much. Perhaps it’s because it now comes too close on the heels of the SEMA show that we just got back from a couple of weeks ago, perhaps it’s because all the latest/greatest show cars go to Detroit in January, perhaps it’s because even though the LA auto market is the largest in the US, historically LA has always sucked hind tit, auto show wise. And perhaps, this year it has a lot to do with the automakers trying so very hard to prove how “GREEN” they are, with hybrids galore . . . yawn.

Not that this o’l Okie isn’t feelin’ the pain of mid-three-dollar-a-gallon gasoline coupled with a 9.5-in-town-mpg average for the Envoy — why???? (Must be that over-5,000 lb GVW, huh?) At least it holds a lot o’ stuff, when lots o’ stuff needs holdin’! I tell myself “I should have had a V8!”, with cylinder deactivation — but that model wasn’t available at the time. Ah, progress . . . cruelly throwing up in your face what you wish you could have had when you got what you got. That’s called capitalistic-consumerism, son — what makes the American economy grand. At least until we run out of credit, out of oil, or someone convinces us that we are going to suffer obliteration of life as we know it if we don’t all get together en mass and “GO GREEN!” — gotta save the planet Broh, ya know. For Chrissakes, Porsche had a hybrid Cayenne at the show — with a cute little “smiley face” front fascia they must have contracted out to the Toyota Prius designer. Sheesh! (No, I didn’t take a pic of that one, couldn’t bear it.)

When the five of us go to the show, it’s a dog pack mentality. Our alpha lead dog got a bit worked up and asked where do these wacko do-gooders think all the electricity is gonna come from if our Governator and his ilk finally force all of us into an Electric Car future? I said, the power grid, and we all laughed. Out here in good ol’ CA we have seasons when we face the specter of brown, or blackouts on a daily basis. Can’t imagine what it will be like with a few million plug-in-hybrids all pluggin’ in at once — just to top off the ol’ battery pack at work for the ride home, don’t ya know. I also wonder how much screaming and wailing over the monthly electric bill we’ll hear. All you need out here is a computer on most of the day and a big-screen TV on in the eve. to bump you way past the baseline allotment into the Oh-My-Gosh! over-baseline rates. Slammin’ a few more kWh per day into lil’ Sparky’s gonna turn some folks’ hair pure white, mark my word. Of course, if ol’ Hugo Chavez and ol’ Mahmoud have their way, the cost of gas will be so high, obscene electric bills will seem like a blessing in comparison.

You might think that I’m biased against electric cars, but that’s not the case. I get a little tingly when I see a Tesla, although for 100-large a lot of big luxury sedans begin singing out their siren song to me — can you say Audi S8? Sigh. GM’s The Electric Car was cute in its own way — I loved the commercials — but a ridiculous 20-30 mile range made it the toy of the likes of Ed Begley and Co. All those whiners and protesters when GM actually did what they said they would do, not renew the leases and destroyed the cars. That was a big development program, not a real production scenario, regardless of the Enviro-weenies’ protestations otherwise.

Chevy Volt

In our pack of five, I was the only one that spent a little quality time with the Chevy Volt show car. It debuted at the Detroit show last January and had a prominent display here in LA. Telling was the fact that I was the only one standing there looking at it — really, everyone was walking by without a cursory glance. Some “GREEN” crowd there last night, huh? It is neat. If they get the battery pack right, I’d consider one — as long as it “goes like stink!” That’s important. Just ask those Tesla folk about that.

Winning Mazda Design Challenge Winning Entry
Mazda Design Challenge Winning Sketch

Mazda Design Challenge Winner Clay Model

One of the trippiest exhibits was Mazda’s. They held The Mazda Design Challenge as a way to showcase concepts for the 2018 version of the Mazda 3 with the winner being Mallory McMorrowMallory McMorrow from South Bend, IN, an industrial design student from the University of Notre Dame. The Mazda research CA group was turning Mallory’s design into a full size clay model at the show and it’s supposed to be finished by this coming Saturday. It’s a good thing for the average Joe and Jill to see what’s involved with bringing those masses of metal, rubber and glass they wash and polish on the weekends to life. What I never find less than flabbergasting is with all the time and trouble it takes to conceive, design & engineer a car or truck, why there are so many mediocre ones green-lighted for production.

I’m gonna take an ol’ ex-wife’s great-grandmothers advice now and “Quit my bitchin’!” 😉

Here are a few more randomly sorted 2007 LA Auto Show pics for your enjoyment.

Scion Exhibit — Looks like a set of Matchbox cars, doesn’t it?

Honda Hydrogen Car
Honda’s new hydrogen fuel cell powered car — for a few lucky leasees at $600/month, ins. included!

Mini Chevys
One of a trio of mini-Chevys coming to a dealership near you . . .

mini Chevy
Another mini-Chevy!

One last mini-Chevy!

Audi 5
The new Audi A5 coupe in gorgeous brilliant white!

Audi wheel
The wheel for the A5 — one of the nicest wheels I’ve seen in years — on an Audi!!!???

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible
The Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible, just because it looks so darn good!

Ferrari Carrozzeria Scaglietti
Ferrari Carrozzeria Scaglietti — what’s an auto show without a Ferrari?

Shoot, what’s an auto show without a million-dollar Lamborghini?

Maserati Coupé
We’ll finish out the Italians with the new Maserati Coupé.

Hyundai shows that it’s deadly serious about future models with this concept Coupé.

Nissan GT-R detail
New Nissan GT-R detail — that’s some interesting form development goin’ on there!

Nissan GT-R
The view most will see of the new GT-R!

Chrysler Nassau
Chrysler Nassau showcar — a bit odd, but interesting nonetheless.

Nassau interior
Most current Chrysler owners probably wish that their cars interiors were this nice.

Chevy Volt
Another view of the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid concept — supposedly in production by 2010-2012. We’ll see.

Porsche GT2
Some serious GoFast! from the Porsche folks! The GT2.

Porsche GT2
Once again, the most common view of this one!

Mitsubishi concept
Mitsubishi tries to prove that “It’s not dead, yet!”

Mitsubishi concept
That’s an aggressive maw for a little car — but it worked for me.

Gotta love the Dutch and their Spykers! These cars are proof of what can be accomplished in a county that has legalized pot. 😉

CTS engine bay
Finally, I’ll end with this engine bay shot of the new Cadillac CTS. Inside & out & underneath the hood, probably the best American car in production at this time. Looks like the designers sure had fun in the engine bay! Dig that lovely brushed alloy shock-tower brace. It was made from a tapered extrusion and terminated on both ends with some beefy castings. Impressive!

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