MSM’s Got Zippered Lips About NASA’s Temperature Data Revisions

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Think you’ll see anything on ABC, NBC, CBS or in the major newspapers about the revised temperature data that NASA has “quietly” released after finding it had a Y2K bug that was skewing the temps up a bit? Well, the story broke mid-week and there’s still nothing on any of their websites, let alone on their programs. Ace has some pertinent thoughts on this:

So we’re down to exactly one MSM mention, as far as I can tell, and honestly, it’s hard even to claim FoxNews is part of the MSM. Certainly the MSM doesn’t count them as such. They all think they’re just GOP TV.

So, really– zero MSM mentions of an important story about global warming.


Because sometimes relevant facts must be withheld from the public so they are not misled by trivial things like evidence, science, and actual news.

Nope, Ace — can’t have that at all . . . wouldn’t want anyone thinkin’ those “carbon offsets” they’ve been buyin’ from ol’ Big Al Gore were just helpin’ him pay his light bill instead o’ savin’ the planet.

[Update: Our favorite environmental-chemist Glenn Speck provides the following links to additional information and commentary.]

“Revised Temp Data Reduces Global Warming Fever” at American Thinker


Did Media Or NASA Withhold Climate History Data Changes From The Public? at News Busters

Of course, the Warmies aren’t about to give it up, not even a little — not that I’m at all surprised.

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