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The Google juggernaut has just launched the next step in bringing us a Brave New World, the world according to the Leftists’ manifesto of thought control. It’s a new version of Google Search called Google Custom Search Engine that allows a website operator to add a Google search box to his/her website — and then control what content is being searched, and also the prioritizing of the search results. Cool! Was my first thought. As a website designer and Ecommerce manager, having the ability to deliver search results from a site itself, or that plus a few other resources is extremely attractive. Using custom-build search databases to provide a single-site search solution is a pain, and the Google engine is certainly a jewel. So Okie, “What’s the problem?”

Well, the article in today’s LA Times that first brought this to my attention got a whiff of it, but didn’t connect the dots — do they ever?

Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search products and user experience, said the company had identified an appetite for control over searching.

I’ll bet they have!

RealClimate.org, for instance, has used on its site a test version of Google’s customized search to provide what its scientists consider reliable information about climate change. The results are displayed on the RealClimate site.

“Unfortunately, since this topical subject has become rather politicized, the quality of information available on the Web is very variable, ranging from excellent to the atrocious,” Gavin A. Schmidt of New York’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies said in a statement. “With the Custom Google Search facility, we are able to create a searchable subset of the Web that, in our expert judgment, provides solid and reliable information.”

You don’t even have to read between the lines here, they’re very upfront about what they’ll be doing with this new technology, in line with their “expert judgment” on what constitutes “reliable information”. But hey, let’s go over to RealClimate.org (I guess as opposed to UnRealClimate.org?) and see what they say for themselves. In announcing their use of this new Google technology they write:

It can be easy to find climate science information on the web, but that information ranges from the excellent to the atrocious – and it can often be hard to tell them apart without some prior expertise. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could vet the information beforehand so that you had some confidence that it wasn’t completely bogus? Well, you need wait no longer!

Some of you may have already noticed that we have updated our search facility to use a new service from Google Co-op which is being launched today. The idea is that the search is restricted to domains and pages that have passed some kind of quality control. RealClimate is one of the demo sites of the new technology and we have started off with a selection of sites (IPCC, goverment labs, research institutes etc. – as well as RealClimate itself of course!) that we know provide quality information about climate science.

Yeah, “Wouldn’t it be great if . . .” There it is folks. All the information you could ever possibly want or need about “climate science”, as long as it passes muster with their “experts”. Wanna know what they and their “experts” find humorous, then check out these cartoons over at the Union of Concerned Scientists. More than kinda revealing! Don’t hold your breath until you find a thoughtful tome that disputes the Global Warming paranoia via a RealClimate Google search — cause you won’t look good all bloated and blue! Google as an organization is as hard Left as it could get. USA Today has said that 98% of money donated by Google employees to political entities has gone to Democrats.

Examiner.com writer Robert Cox [h/t: Mark Tapscott] recently took a look at the Left’s agenda for controlling Internet technologies for their side’s benefit.

If you doubt the Internet is causing a sea change in politics, just ask “independent” Senate candidate Joe Lieberman, who came out on the wrong end of a blogger-fueled campaign for the Democratic nomination in Connecticut.

That was no accident.

In the waning days of Howard Dean’s abortive presidential campaign, I met many of the talented folks who played a role in turning the Dean Web site into a powerful fundraising tool that propelled an unknown candidate into the national spotlight. At various blogging conferences since, I have had the opportunity to observe many of these bright minds strategizing on how to best leverage the emerging world of blogs and other “social networking” services known as “Web 2.0” to advance their liberal political agenda and win elections.

Their common refrain: “We need to own the Internet the way the right owns talk radio.”

They got me wondering whether the online “conservative elite” was aware of what the left had in mind and, if so, whether they were concerned. (…)

Cox goes on to document that the “conservative elite” doesn’t seem to care, or at least not until Michelle Malkin ran into the brick wall that was YouTube’s response to her anti-Jihad videos that she had hosted there — YouTube removed them for cause, but won’t tell her what that cause happens to be! And, not just Malkin’s account, they also have flagged her conservative YouTube group, Crusader18 and Rocket Ride have also been banned. What are their offenses? Making statements against the threat of radical Islamists. But, YouTube has no problem with the videos posted by the Jihadi themselves. “Hey dude, can’t ban those — That’s some cool, multicultural sh_t, man!”

When I was in college, way back in the ’70s, our professors tried to teach us all to be afraid of the rise and control of Big Brother, Big Business, Big Anything. “They are going to control all of the information man — there’s not going to be any way for you to get the real poop about anything, man! Gotta keep an open mind, gotta expand your consciousness, gotta learn from the world, man . . .Gotta fight the Man, man!”

As Graham Nash wrote,

Can you hear and do you care and
Can you see we
Must be free to
Teach the children
To believe and
Make a world that
We can live in

The Left has learned its lesson very well indeed, and they are teaching all our children “well”. Not only that, they are creating the technologies to control human thought, by controlling access to information.

Leftists, take a look in the mirror — meet Big Brother . . . (db)

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