49-Year-Old Plymouth Buried In Tulsa, OK

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On June 15, 2007 (next summer) a “new” 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe will once again see the light of day. It has been buried in a time capsule since that very date in 1957. A friend of mine just sent me a link to this story. I lived in the Tulsa area for the first 31 years of my life and this is the first I’ve ever heard about this.

The TulsaRama website describes the intent of this burial, which was a way for Tulsa to one-up Oklahoma City in their continuing feud to be Oklahoma’s best city. At the time, Tulsa had the highest car ownership per capita of any city in the U.S., except for Los Angeles, so they decided that a “car” event was a natural.

The car was seen as a method of acquainting twenty-first century citizens with a suitable representation of 1957 civilization. According to event chairman Lewis Roberts Jr., the Plymouth was chosen because it was “an advanced product of American industrial ingenuity with the kind of lasting appeal that will still be in style 50 years from now.”

The contents of a women’s purse, including bobby pins, a bottle of tranquilizers, cigarettes and an unpaid parking ticket, were added to the glove compartment of the car shortly before burial.

Well, there are still cigarettes, tranquilizers and unpaid parking tickets aplenty in the 21st Century, but ironically, just like bobby pins, Plymouths are no longer popular — shoot, Plymouth is just no longer, period. At the site there is a short film that describes the 1957 event and burial, and looks forward to next year’s disinterment of what is hoped to be a pristinely-preserved 50-year-old car. They even buried gas and oil with it just in case those items wouldn’t exist in the year 2007. Remember, ten years or so later 2001 was envisioned with our having massive space stations, moon colonies and maned-expeditions to Jupiter. It’s half-a-decade past that 2001 milestone now and my, my — how we’ve failed to realize our most magnificently-imagined future.

I can’t remember ever seeing a ’57 Plymouth in good shape. I just may have to go back for this one! (db)

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