More Reactions to NYT & LAT Security Breaches

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While I got all hot & bitter over yesterday’s actions by the New York Times and (as Hugh Hewitt put it, it’s wingman) the LA Times, the Anchoress, as usual, puts it brilliantly:

So the NY Times has, once again, been asked (by a bi-partisan group) not to report on classified information in a time of war, and they’ve refused.
Well…you know, they can’t report that Hillary Clinton’s whole career is a sham, and they can’t report that the Dems are in disarray, and they won’t report that Bush’s poll numbers are going up, or that the economy is surging, or that Iraqi documents are still being translated and showing Saddam/AlQ connections…c’mon, they have to have SOMETHING to write about! Why not tell the bad guys what we’re doing? That certainly doesn’t do any harm to the NY Times’ sacred cows and kittens; it disrupts none of their concerns. Terrorism Schmerrorism, after all…if it were real and important, the god-like Bill Clinton would be talking about it, and as we know, he’s talking about Global Warming…

Patterico cancels his subscription this AM and writes about the call:

I told the man that officials from the Bush Administration had begged the newspaper’s editors not to print this story, but the editors ran the story anyway. I told him that I think publishing the story was completely irresponsible, totally lacking in any justification, and has posed a threat to the safety of our country. And I just can’t continue to subscribe to a newspaper that would do such a thing.

He didn’t argue with me after that.

You know, nothing is going to change until these companies go bankrupt, or until all the old “Watergate” veterans and their hangers on are gone — which basically means that old print media is a gonner. It’s stupid to rely on newpapers for news, which is at least 12 hours old or older, and totally biased analysis and opinion, without the acknowledgement of said bias, is insulting — unless you are addicted to that particular flavor of kool-aid.

Time for me to make that call — better check out the Daily News, cause the Westside rags, The Santa Monica Mirror and The Santa Monica Daily Press read like the Communist Manifesto! The wife does like to read the paper in the morning . . . (db)

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