NBC Slighting U.S. On Olympics Coverage?

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I love watching the Olympics. So many amazing athletes, doing stuff I can’t even dream of actually doing! And, I love it when the United States wins medals. National pride, and all that stuff. This year, with the competition in Europe (6-9 hours ahead of the U.S.) NBC gets plenty of time to package their telecasts for “prime time” presentation, so make no mistake about it, everything you see and hear — and everything you don’t see and hear, is intentional. The Anchoress has this observation today — that NBC is showing less, or none at all, all the U.S. won medals ceremonies, while showing those of other countries in their entiretly — and boy is she dead on with it.

It cheats the athletes and the nation that wants to share in their triumph. It’s very nice that Canada won this or Russia won that, and I like to see them waving from the podium…but at the end of the day, it’s the US Athlete I want to see, the Star Spangled Banner I want to hear.

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