Abortion — A Black Meaning to Being “Born Again”

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I’m a born again Christian, though hardly the finest of examples, but I do understand what is meant by that term. The Left in America and around the world work some of their worst damage to society by corrupting language, and now they are co-opting this most special of phrases to a new dark meaning — that of giving a pregnant woman a new life by sucking the nascent-human life out of her, making her born again. The LA Times gives its Column One story, Offering Abortion, Rebirth, to the story of Dr. William F. Harrison who runs his abortion clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas. One in a continuing series of Old Lefties That Can Do No Wrong, this one is hard to stomach during one’s first cup of coffee.

Yes, an Arkansas doctor says, he destroys life. But he believes the thousands of women who have relied on him have been ‘born again.’
Harrison opened an obstetrics and gynecology practice, but after the Supreme Court established abortion as a constitutional right in 1973, he decided to take on an additional specialty. Now 70, Harrison estimates he’s terminated at least 20,000 pregnancies.

That’s quite a legacy there Doc. Let’s see, that’s 20,000 human beings that aren’t living, loving and paying taxes in good ol’ Arkansas. That 10-times the population of the town I grew up in back in OK. I guess the best part, huh Doc, is that it’s 20,000 times that a woman got to be born again in your book?

In Arkansas, for instance, the state constitution sets out “to protect the life of every unborn child from conception until birth.” At least 10 other states — including Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Utah — have similar language in their constitutions or legal codes.

Harrison warns every patient he sees that abortion may be illegal one day. He wants to stir them to activism, but most women respond mildly.

At least you can’t blame the state for trying “to protect the life of every unborn child from conception until birth[.]”, but they aren’t doing a very good job of it. And I really like that second graph. Think about it — this guy is also running an Ob-Gyn practice, and he proselytizes abortion to “every patient he sees”. Imagine coming in to see how your baby is doing during a pregnancy and getting a sermon on the benefits of abortion!

His clinic was targeted by the radical pro-lifers, and was bombed sometime in the ’80s. But good ol’ Doc Harrison fought back, tooth and nail, defending his right to kill unborn children with abandon.

In the years since, Harrison has become more outspoken.

He calls himself an “abortionist” and says, “I am destroying life.”

But he also feels he’s giving life: He calls his patients “born again.”

Ah, there it is — the money quote! Can’t you just imagine the excitement of Times staff writer Stephanie Simon when she typed those words. I can hear her in my head, “Take that you Christian maggots — I’ll show the world what being born again can truly mean to a woman! [Shudder]

Before giving up obstetrics in 1991, Harrison delivered 6,000 babies. Childbirth, he says, should be joyous; a woman should never consider it a punishment or an obligation.

“We try to make sure she doesn’t ever feel guilty,” he says, “for what she feels she has to do.”

I’ve witnessed the miracle of birth once. After 6,000 times, how can someone feel so proud of ending the lives of 20,000? And there’s that Leftist mantra of the importance of not feeling guilty. Heavens, what could possibly be worse than having to feel a bit of guilt for choosing to end a life? Say, has anyone mentioned adoption yet?

Kim, a single mother of three, says she couldn’t bear to give away a child and have to wonder every day if he were loved. Ending the pregnancy seemed easier, she says — as long as she doesn’t let herself think about “what could have been.”

Way to go, Kim! Let’s see, if my birth-mother had thought the same way, I’d have been just another splotch of goo going down the sink in a Tulsa clinic. Instead I’m a 53 year-old man sitting here in my sweats calling you out for making such a horribly wrong decision. I imagine that a lot of Lefties wish that I had been the goo.

For the few women who arrive ambivalent or beset by guilt, Harrison’s nurse has posted statistics on the exam-room mirror: One out of every four pregnant women in the U.S. chooses abortion. A third of all women in this country will have at least one abortion by the time they’re 45.

“You think there’s room in hell for all those women?” the nurse will ask.

Hell is a big place — lot’s o’ real estate in the Universe. I’ll end with the following, but you should go and read it all.

Amanda, a 20-year-old administrative assistant, says it’s not the obstacles that surprise her — it’s how normal and unashamed she feels as she prepares to end her first pregnancy.

“It’s an everyday occurrence,” she says as she waits for her 2:30 p.m. abortion. “It’s not like this is a rare thing.”

Amanda hasn’t told her ex-boyfriend that she’s 15 weeks pregnant with his child. She hasn’t told her parents, either, though she lives with them.

“I figured it was my responsibility,” she says.

She regrets having to pay $750 for the abortion, but Amanda says she does not doubt her decision. “It’s not like it’s illegal. It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong,” she says.

“I’ve been praying a lot and that’s been a real source of strength for me. I really believe God has a plan for us all. I have a choice, and that’s part of my plan.”

Amanda, Amanda — do you really think that God’s plan for you and your unborn child is for you to let this guy kill it and suck it out of your body? You’re not talking about my God, that’s for sure!

Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court is driving the Left nuts! They are pulling out all the stops. Even though they can’t find concrete evidence that he would overturn Roe, they still want to agitate the base, especially on the abortion issue. Good ol’ Doc Harrison — 20,000 deaths and counting — what a valiant poster boy for good Lefties everywhere! (db)

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