French Riot Reflections From the Horse’s Mouth

Posted By: 'Okie' | 2:08 pm — 11/8/2005 | 2 Comments See comments below:

While we sit over here, reading AP, Reuters, Bloomberg et all and try to figure out what is really going on, the Anchoress is getting information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. A regular reader of hers from France, Marianne, weighs in with what is happening over there, and how poorly their Leftist media is serving the people of France with their biased coverage of the continuing violence.

May I ask you to pray for us in France, just ordinary decent people who do no have the means to go elsewhere?
When we dare to grumble, when we dare to murmur that Islam is a religion of death, that we do not want to become an Islamic republic, the media and the politicians also scorned us saying we were racist and fascist and anti-arab, and islamophobic, and anti-Semitic. But our money was not scorned upon. (we have to pay to sustain the newspapers which would collapse if it were not for our forced contribution. I pay for abortions, even if I disagree; I have to pay for communist and Trotskyite newspapers, even if I loath them; I have to pay for bad comedians who have no talent)

We pay, with our taxes, scores of “associations” full of communist-islamics and we just have to shut our mouths and say amen. Well, not “amen”; amen is not politically acceptable.

Hmmm, kind of lends a great deal of support to the John Gillmartin arguments in the Sheep’s Crib vs Dawn’s Early Light SCBA discussion.

Thank you, Anchoress. Now the rest of you, don’t tell me you don’t have time to go and read all of this one! (db)

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