“UpChuckGate” — Little Charlie’s Got a Big Problem!

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Looks like Chuckie Schumer might have got his tit caught in the proverbial wringer!

MARYLAND Republicans are angry, and rightly so, that Democratic operatives would fraudulently obtain the credit report of Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, an all-but-declared candidate in next year’s race for the U.S. Senate. A pair of twentysomething operatives for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee apparently procured the report for the purpose of “opposition research.” They’ve been fired by the DSCC, and the case has been referred to the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, which are investigating.

Hugh Hewitt has some advice for those same “twentysomething operatives” which they certainly should take to heart.

Second, Senator Schumer is not your friend. He has no friends except Senator Schumer. Only a matter of time until he throws everyone under the bus. He’s a tough guy, the new Nixon, remember? And he doesn’t owe you a thing, and you don’t owe him a thing.


The Washington Times reports that the Republican Party is starting its own investigation into this matter to see if any other GOP members have been given the phish treatment by the Dem operatives in the DSCC.

National Republican Senatorial Committee attorneys took the first step by sending a letter to the Democratic committee that asks which candidates have had their credit information accessed by committee staffers.
The letter from William J. McGinley and Cleta Mitchell requested information on “how the credit report(s) were accessed, which credit report(s) were accessed, whether any other forms of private financial data were accessed and [whether staffers accessed] any other relevant information related to this serious situation.”
Republicans have questioned the Democrats’ characterization of the incident, that it was isolated and that the young staffers had a lapse in judgment, since the staffers have been identified as Katie Barge, the committee’s research director, and her deputy, Lauren Weiner.

Employees in such jobs would be considered senior staffers and managers, said state Republicans and National Republican Senatorial Committee staffers. [Emph. mine]

That last bit of info sure does make the Washington Post article look like a puff piece, doesn’t it? This is gonna be a lot of fun to watch melt down. Also telling is that Schumer released a statement today about John Roberts instead of insisting on mike time. It is often heard said that the most dangerous place to be in D.C. is between Chuckie and a microphone!

Captain Ed has even more on Barge:Katie Barge has quite a resumé as a researcher. She worked in that capacity for Media Matters, and before that for the John Edwards presidential campaign. In fact, she did opposition research for Edwards according to Common Dreams, which touted her as a key player to David Brock at Media Matters.

It seems that Ms. Barge got hired by the DSCC for exactly the purpose for which she got suspended. (…)

Wow — Now we really know that Summer is finally over! (db)

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