“Okie” Turns One Year Old Tomorrow

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Wow! I can’t really believe that it has been an entire year since I decided to take Hugh Hewitt’s on-air advice and start a blog. I mean, I had only just begun listening to his radio show after running through the dial and finding him gassing on John Kerry’s magic hat and his fabled Christmas in Cambodia. Man, was that ever funny! The Rathergate thing had already happened and the 2004 election run was well underway. I had watched both conventions and followed the pundits on FoxNews & MSNBC, read the articles on Townhall.com, but I wasn’t yet blog savvy, but on 9/24/04, that all began to change. Okie on the Lam was born. I started it out this way:

This being the first post, I was feeling compelled to make some grand statement of intent, deliver a personal manifesto or write a bio — something to reveal the individual behind the blog. But hey, I’m not gonna do that, at least, not now. Better that the posts themselves lead to those kind of revelations over time. I will say that being a conservative and living in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica here in the Los Angeles basin is more often than not, verrrrry interesting.
The mainstream media seems to be having a very hard time adjusting to the proliferation of information outlets on cable, talk radio and the Internet, especially those that resonate with a conservative voice. The youthful campaigners for change from the 60’s & 70’s are now the old men of hide bound tradition, and they are fighting as hard as their forebears did to maintain the status quo. (…)

I’ll get better at this, really I will — db

I sure hope that I have. It was one interesting year to write about, that’s for sure. The afore mentioned presidential election, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day, the Terri Schiavo ordeal, the Groningen Protocol, the death of Pope John Paul II, replacing a retiring Supreme Court justice and then another one that dies, the continuing Global War On Terror, Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Rita, a beleaguered President Bush that continues fighting the good fight, and on and on. Getting so many perspectives on all these events has been enlightening.

In addition to all the giant names in the Blogosphere, I’ve certainly discovered a lot of interesting bloggers, especially all those of our organized SoCal bloggers’ group the SoCal Bloggers’ Alliance (SCBA), (thanks Stacy for getting us together last March!), Mark Tapscott @ Tapscott’s Copy Desk, The Anchoress, Radioblogger ,the interesting gents at My Sandmen, the ever strange but interesting Doug TenNapel and a quirky (in a good way), Saint in Kansas that Knowsitall. Each and every one of these provides links to many more. One could spend all day, every day, just reading blogs, let alone writing for their own. Ah, time — the ever limiting factor.

To commemorate this first year birthday for Okie, I decided to give it a complete design makeover. There are some loose ends that need tidying up, but I think it now better expresses the tone of the writing than it did before. I always liked my Bonneville/American Flag theme, but alas it didn’t seem quite right after getting rid of the Bonne, so I fell back on combining a former love of surfing with my ex. pat. Okie status of living in California. Very serene and aquatic, and blue — but I haven’t surfed in almost 15 years and it certainly didn’t prepare a reader for my daily rantings. As for my readers, there has been a little over 23,000 of them so far, and I thank each one for spending some of their precious time with me.

But enough about me . . . it’s time to go and read, and then to write some more . . . after I get my work done, of course! Here’s looking forward to another interesting year. (db)

[Update] Darn guys, trackbacks “in” still aren’t working. Guess I’ll have to do the full upgrade to WP 1.5.2 and see if that’ll fixes that bug . . .

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