Honoring Flight 93 — Memorial Unveiled to Gasps!

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[h/t: Michelle Malkin]

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette coverage of the Flight 93 Memorial unveiling:

It will serve as a living tribute. With each wind, each breeze, a set of chimes housed in a 93-foot tower will create a different song in memory of the 40 people who sacrificed their lives trying to save the lives of others.
“Crescent of Embrace” will feature a Tower of Voices, containing 40 wind chimes — one for each passenger and crew member who died — and two stands of red maple trees that will line a walkway caressing the natural bowl shape of the land. (…)
As the black cloak that had hidden the winner was removed, a collective gasp came from those gathered, who then rose to their feet to applaud. (…)

Don’t ya just love it? A couple of LA based designers, whose credo seems more in line with the Enviro-kooks than those fighting against Islamic terrorism, create a “Crescent” shaped memorial to honor those brave souls who on 9/11 of 2001 stopped Flight 93 from getting to its intended target, our nations’ Capital building.

Go to Real Clear Politics to see this memorial sketch alongside eight official symbols of Islamic states.

I don’t know. I actually like to give folks the benefit of the doubt about intent and all that, but these guys are professionals, with large planning projects in their backgrounds. It’s not defensible to say that they created this without knowing that the crescent was a major symbol of Islam. With that firmly in mind, makes you wonder which of the dead these architects are trying to memorialize! (db)

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