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Posted By: 'Okie' | 7:02 pm — 9/7/2005 | 1 Comment See comments below:

According to Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters, ABC News is reporting that the city of New Orleans did not follow its own previously drawn-up hurricane disaster plan. They then commented on the reaction of Louisiana Governor Blanco in regards to FEMA’s perceived slow reaction.

ABC also asked Governor Kathleen Blanco’s office about their response to the evacuation. They responded that they never asked for evacuation assistance from the federal government as part of their interaction with FEMA, only for assistance with shelter and provisions. They assumed that the city of New Orleans had followed its own evacuation plan.

That assumption wound up costing lives. Did they ask Nagin if his administration had followed the plan, and if so, what kind of response did they get? If ABC’s report is correct, then the feds may not have known of the evacuation breakdown until the flood on Tuesday made it a critical situation — and then were forced to respond by getting the correct assets in place within 72 hours for evacuation while almost all the roads and bridges were unusable. By that time, FEMA had begun to use what roadways were left open to move in the supplies and temporary shelter they had prestaged in the area. The feds would have had to quickly shift to a massive evacuation effort instead, a difficult and time-consuming transformation.

Captain Ed goes on to ask the questions that this ol’ Okie has been wondering about. Why didn’t Mayor Nagin follow the city’s plan, why didn’t he use those buses, and why did Governor Blanco just assume that the largest city in her state was following its plan?
Of course, you can always count on the Anchoress to tell it like it is:

There is a problem, here, with the Governor of Louisiana, who fiddles and fiddles before she cries, but refuses to let anyone else take the reins.

After reading this, I don’t want to hear another freaking word about how tardy the feds were. They could have done better? Sure, fine – they could have done better – everything could have been better! But this woman is in the thick of it – she is in charge, as she has been from the start – as she clearly WANTS to be. Yet she’s still trying to figure out the basic, common sense stuff. And she still won’t let the feds take this enormous – clearly too large for her – duty off her back!

Jim over at Stones Cry Out has a similar take on the Gov. in his twelve thoughts on the hurricane disaster:

5. Impeach the Governor: Although the electoral process has a way of taking care of incompetence, it would be good for the Governor of Louisiana to resign in the next few weeks. Her delays and political turf games are probably the closest to criminal negligence of any public official involved in this crisis. It may be that the Mayor of New Orleans should do likewise. His failure to call for a general evacuation on Saturday, and his mysterious refusal to follow the city’s own crisis plan are mind boggling, at least in hindsight.

Good questions, all . . . & a good takes on Gov. Blanco! (db)

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