The Left Responds to the Durbin “Apology”

Posted By: 'Okie' | 4:54 pm — 6/21/2005 | 2 Comments See comments below:

Even though it is the most pathetic, weasley, limp sort of apology possible from Senator “Dick” Durbin for his GITMO remarks last Tues., the Left in America is feeling betrayed. From the wrongly named AmericaBlog [h/t Cheat Seeking Missiles]:

Well we can add Chicago Mayor Daley to the list of spineless Democrats.

According to AP, Senator Durbin has apologized for criticizing the horrible violation of human rights being committed by the Bush Administration at Guantanamo Bay. Durbin specifically read a horrific report of the conditions at Gitmo, and said it sounded as if he was reading a report about a Soviet Gulag, Pol Pot, or a Stalin prison camp. And Durbin was right.

Laer at CSM pegs it:

There you have it: “And Durbin was right.” Who are these people? Not one dead prisoner at Gitmo. Not one, not one, not one. To them, words have no meaning; history has no meaning.

No one at KOS has bothered to comment, although they are in a dither about trying to disrupt the upcoming “College Republicans National Convention” this weekend and the “Young Republicans National Convention” in July. Not to be outdone in the absurdest bullsh_t category, they call out John Hindrocker from Powerline Blog with an open letter supposedly from his son’s USMC recruiting command in Minneapolis, then follow it up with this vile trash:

Note, we aren’t saying Assrocket should force his son to enlist. 18-year-olds are adults who must make such decisions for themselves. But did he encourage his son to enlist in the cause of “freedom”? In service of their deity, George Bush?

It’s easy to support war when you’re sending other people’s sons and daughters to die. But are they willing to sacrifice their own in pursuit of the cause?

Somehow, I doubt it. Those elitist f_cks prefer others do the dying on behalf of their war lust. To paraphrase draft-dodging Cheney — I’m sure they have “other priorities”.

God, but the Left does hate George Bush . . . they hate him until they are blind with rage! Where do they think all the sons and daughters in the military are coming from? Not predominantly from the families of the Liberal Elite, that’s for sure. Geez . . . dumpster diving in the fever swamp sure makes you want to take a shower! (db)

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