LA Times Ignores Durbin Remarks — Focus Is On Anti-War Efforts

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The inane, slanderous remarks against our military by the Democrats’ 2nd-in-command, Minority Whip Senator from Illinois, Richard “Dick” Durbin happened on the floor of the Senate this last Tuesday. If you get your news from the Los Angeles Times, you didn’t read about it until today, and only then if you bothered to get all the way to the end of section “B” and read the column by the center-right David Gelernter, We Are Our History — Don’t Forget It. [Read it, it’s very good!]

This is not surprising. It is S.O.P. for the LA Times. This paper’s anti-war, leftist bias is proudly on display 24/7/365. So what did they feature today? Well, for starters they used page one to “put the war effort into perspective” for southern Californians with Criticism of Iraq War Mounts on Capitol Hill.

Apprehension over the war in Iraq surged Thursday as a group of lawmakers demanded that President Bush develop plans to withdraw troops and a top Pentagon official expressed concern about sagging public support for the U.S. military effort.

After a deadly increase in violence in Iraq, congressional critics of the war grew more vocal in demanding a change in policy, and antiwar activists staged a rally near the White House.

If I were writing a piece on how badly the war effort was going, seems like a great place to feature the BS coming out of Durbin’s mouth, but not a mention of the Senator as being one of the “congressional critics” of the war. Ya think that even the hard-left editors at the Times “gets it” that comparing our brave men and women in uniform to Nazis and the Khmer Rouge while equating GITMO with the Soviet gulags is beyond the pale. Or maybe they haven’t heard about it? The Washington Post came to Durbin’s defense this AM, the New York Times makes a cautious move, The Washington Times, however, tells the tale of Durbin’s rebuke on the Senate floor late yesterday.

The scolding of Mr. Durbin by Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican, set off a tense debate on the Senate floor that lasted more than an hour.

Mr. Warner, joined by Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, repeatedly chastised Mr. Durbin for likening interrogation techniques at the Pentagon-run prison at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to three 20th-century dictators who killed tens of millions of innocents.

A clearly uncomfortable Mr. Durbin refused to apologize.

But wait, as they say at Ginsu U, “There’s more!” It didn’t take the “paper of record in the west” long to bring in more Vietnam era anti-war rhetoric and showcase the term “fragging” in two, count ’em, two articles: U.S. Sergeant Charged in Killing of 2 Officers & After fighting in Vietnam, they fought to oppose war, the latter being a review of a film, Sir! No Sir! that glorifies the Vietnam War Vets that became anti-war protesters and activists. Don’t miss reading about the recovering black Marine that became so upset at seeing the turmoil in Memphis after the assassination of Martin Luther King, that he went AWOL upon leaving the hospital, made his way to Sweden and became a poster boy for the anti-war crowd.

“I was still patriotic,” Whitmore said. “As a matter of fact, I still am.”

Yeah, I’ll bet your buddies back in Vietnam really thought so, too. Right! As far as the first article using the term “fragging”, they use that term three times in the first four paragraphs. Wouldn’t want you to not get it, huh? I always thought that in Vietnam this was a last resort method by the grunts to save themselves from a newbie, or just plain crazy, commanding officer, or was that just too much Oliver Stone?

A Google search for “fragging” & “Vietnam” together brings up 17,200 pages. Some writers claim that it never really happened. I don’t know. Will have to search the mil-blogs to see what they think of all this Vietnam era rhetoric being slung all over their war. Changing the search terms to “fragging” & “Iraq” brings up 16,200! A lot of those are anti-war articles and blog entries. Smell something fishy?

At least now, with the blogs, talk-radio and FOX News, southern Californians can truly become informed. With it’s circulation dropping weekly, only the lock-step, die-hard liberals seem content to suckle at the teat of the Los Angeles Times. (db)

[This is worth an update] Hugh Hewitt states it like this:

BTW: If you don’t “get” this, you are really far removed from the country’s center. It isn’t a Democrat-Republican, left-right thing. It is an American-anti-American thing. Period.

On Tuesday night, Durbin lost it, but his refusal to apologize and his defense of his statements and the looney left’s rising to the defense of his original statements is a bright line. The troops at Gitmo are serving the country under difficult circumstances, protecting the country every day, and they have been slandered. What they are doing there, even the harshest tactics they have been authorized to use, have nothing to do with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. Durbin’s statements, and the statements of those defending him, are giving direct aid to the enemy.

Where are the rebukes to Durbin from the Democrats that haven’t yet lost their souls? (db)

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