GOP Senators Just Bought Bridge in Brooklyn

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There are bad deals, and there are stupid deals, and then there are really incredibly-stupid, outrageously-bad deals, and then there is the deal that went down in the U.S. Senate today, which dwarfs them all in badness and stupidity!

It’s incredible that John McCain has finally put the rhetorical knife into Bush, George’s Brutus to be sure. He’s hated Bush ever since the primaries in ’04, and seems to think that his own road to the white house in ’08 will be paved with GW’s failed Supreme Court nominations. Or maybe he, and the other five wimpy GOP Senators that signed on to this agreement want to gut-check the President on his nominee list. Well, that’s more stupidity showing, as GW always seems to bristle up and get even more so of whatever he is challenged on, which should mean an even more conservative caliber of Supreme Court nomination than might have been.

You can see the full text of the agreement at Hugh Hewitt’s site along with this commentary from Hugh:

It is impossible to say whether this is a “terrible” deal, a “bad” deal, or a very, very marginally “ok” deal, but it surely is not a good deal. Not one dime more for the NRSC from me unless and until the Supreme Court nominee gets confirmed, and no other filibusters develop. (…)

The Anchoress is beside herself:

It’s gonna be a long cold day before the GNP sees a dime of my money. A long. Cold. Day.

Can someone please explain to me why, with 57% support from the nation (under-reported, of course), the GOP caved on this?

There’s a lot more vitriol at her site, with lots of other links, too. Be sure and read the comments — lots o’ upset folks out there!

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters writes:

This, in short, has been a clear victory for the Democrats and a massive failure for the GOP and the White House. The GOP just endorsed the filibuster, and will have no intellectual capacity to argue against its use later on. They sold the Constitution just to get less than half of its blockaded nominees through, and the result will be much less flexibility on future Supreme Court nominations.

Michelle Malkin
has probably the most comprehensive list of links to blogging on the “compromise”.

Mark Tapscott seems to believe that moderate Republicans are now preparing to bask in the MSM glow that will accompany widespread articles on how voices of moderation have saved the republic from an “evil” Evangelical theocracy.

John Hinderaker at Powerline at first was “wait-n-see” but now is extremely disappointed:

Someone explain to me why the Republicans haven’t been rolled once again. To me, it looks like a pathetic collapse on the part of the Republicans–not the leadership, but Senators like McCain who sold out their party.

ONE MORE: Now the Republicans are treating the execrable Robert Byrd like a hero! Unbelievable. What a low moment. “We have kept the Republic,” Byrd says. I think I’m going to be sick.

Confirm Them, the site that has been collating everything to do with this issue, congratulates Judge William H. Pryor Jr. as it looks like he will finally be confirmed. Keep visiting this site for current info on confirmations and on those being held up. Their job is to help get these nominees voted on and confirmed.

Tempers are running hot, and disappointment hangs in the air like bad gas passed in a small room. You bet, this deal stinks! Only time will tell how much. According to Sean Rushton, one of the few good things that can be gleaned so far is that the compromise that allows the Senate vote on justices Owen, Brown and Pryor seem to indicate that conservative philosophy won’t be enough to qualify as “extraordinary circumstance” — but don’t bet the farm on that! (db)

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