“We have the votes we need.” — Senator Mitch McConnell

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According to the New York Times this AM [h/t Drudge]. Senator Frist, Republican Senate majority leader did make an appearance on the Family Research Council’s Sunday telecast which had been heavily slammed by Democrats and liberal groups for the past week.

In a short videotaped statement included in the telecast, which was called Justice Sunday and emanated from a packed Baptist mega-church here, Dr. Frist, the Senate majority leader, neither referred to religious faith nor addressed criticism that the event was inappropriately dragging religion into a partisan battle.

Instead, he focused on accusations by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, that Dr. Frist was a “radical Republican” for participating in the telecast, which aimed to build conservative Christian support for his threat to eliminate the filibuster of presidential nominees

The Dems and the Libs have their panties in a tight wad about this telecast. According to the NYT, MoveOn.org is going to bring out their big gun, ol’ “They betrayed our country, they played on our fears!” Al Gore. Yeah, bet they’re shiverin’ in their boots back at the elephant corral after hearing that!

Our own local rag, the LA Times brings this story to us this way: Evangelical leaders use a simulcast to churches around the country to support conservative judges. Other groups fear a ‘religious war.’

What surprises me is that this article is pretty well balanced and lacking in the hyperventilating drama our local writers seem to resort to when confronting issues involving religion and conservatism. Maybe they used it all up yesterday with their 8-page assault on the Catholic Church! [Via separate links from their home page.]

But not to worry, the Op-Ed unsigned editorial writers revert to form this AM, taking Tom DeLay and the “other conservative Republicans” to task for trying to turn the United States into a banana republic via radical judicial reform.

Just what are they smoking at the Los Angeles Times?

Hugh Hewitt has lots of commentary and loads of links on both filibuster busting and the LA Times horrible treatment of the Catholic church.

Oh, yeah, by the way, on that filibuster busting issue? “We have the votes we need.” — Republican Senator Mitch McConnell (db)

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