Mae Magouirk Out of Hospice, Now in Hospital

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Blogs for Terri has announced that 81 year old Mae Magouirk has been moved out of the hospice in LaGrange, Ga, where food and hydration for her was stopped on March 28th, and is now in an Alabama hospital receiving treatment. Her nephew sent them this email:

THANKS TO THE SUPPORT OF ALL OF THE FRIENDS OF TERRI, MY AUNT MAE MAGOUIRK HAS BEEN AIR LIFTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM MEDICAL CENTER … and receiving IV fluids, nourishment and some of the finest medical care available in the United States! . . .

We will continue to pray for Mae and wish her well, she is certainly not out-of-the-woods yet, as her granddaughter, 35 year old Beth Gaddy, is trying to have her sent back to hospice. Gaddy was granted “official” guardianship of her grandmother in a complicated arrangement with Mae’s brother, sister and nephew that allowed the decisions of 2 out of 3 examining physicians to determine whether Mae would be hospitalized or allowed to die via dehydration/starvation in the manner that was used to kill Terri Schiavo.

Actually, this case gets stranger and stranger. The big question is, “why did a granddaughter’s request to kill this woman override the wishes of her next of kin, her brother and sister, and how does a financial power of attorney trump a living will?” Keep in mind that Mae Magouirk’s living will states that nourishment should be withheld only if Mae were in a coma or vegetative state with no hope of recovery. This was not the case on March 28th, and according to at least 2 of the 3 examining cardiologists, is not the case today.

The only way that it ever got this far was because of the ruling of Probate Court Judge Donald W. Boyd in LaGrange. Guardianship of Mae was granted to Gaddy based on the lie that she has a medical power of attorney for Mae, but actually she only has a financial power of attorney, but this didn’t matter to the court. Again, we have a citizen of the United States of America that a local judge is trying to kill, this time against the “written wishes” of the intended victim! Judicial reform is a must! I hope it starts in the U.S. Senate sometime in the next couple of weeks with the Republicans ending the disgraceful use of the filibuster to block qualified nominees to the Federal bench from getting their deserved up-or-down votes.

81 year old Mae Magouirk has been starved and denied fluids for twelve days! “Over the river and through the woods” indeed. Looks like this time it’s “li’l Red Riding Hood” that turns out to be the “big bad wolf”! (db)

Keep up to date on this at Blogs for Terri.

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