Hugh Hewitt to MSM – ‘Let’s Go Outside!’

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This AM, in his Daily Standard column, Hugh Hewitt virtually challenges the MSM (mainstream media) to “step outside” by highlighting two recent major media fumbles. The first is more of his reactions to CNN’s Eason Jordan’s “scandalous” claim that our military in Iraq targeted and assassinated twelve journalists.

If Jordan had no grounds for peddling this grassy-knoll garbage, he should be fired. If he did have even the flimsiest of grounds, he ought to share his evidence and let the public decide whether his judgment is as flawed as it was when he covered for Saddam all those years.

The second is an examination of the John Kerry interview on last Sunday’s Meet the Press, where Tim Russert managed to get in a few jabs at some of Kerry’s wilder self-delusions, but made no body contact.

The pathetic effort to avoid posing tough questions to Kerry (and by contrast the Mapes-like fanaticism against Bush) highlights the almost lunatic imbalance of ideologies within mainstream media. Tim Russert may have taken aim at Kerry’s Walter Mittyisms, but he hit his journalistic colleagues instead.

If you want to stay on top of the Jordan story, check out Captain’s Quarters:

Hugh Hewitt has a new column out for the Weekly Standard on media bias. His thoughts have has special resonance today as we see the major American media outlets put the Cone of Silence over Eason’s Fables, which plays a part in Hugh’s column. Hugh reminds us that bias not only exists in what’s reported, but also in what isn’t:

And for continuing updates, see La Shawn Barber’s Eason Jordan Repository, and Powerline’s The Latest on Eason Jordan.

Will the MSM get off the ropes? Can they make a comeback? Will Eason Jordan go down for the count? Stay tuned, ’cause there’ll be a lot more!

Thank God for Hugh Hewitt, and those like him, that are learned, have a national voice, are calm, (love ya Sean Hannity, but sometimes you need a Xanax!), and are unwilling to relent! Keep the punches flyin’, Hugh. Your corner man team is strong, and getting stronger! (db)

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